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21st - 25th August 2024, The Hyatt Hotel Canberra

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Connect with the Forum Community

We are looking forward to reconnecting with our community and the new delegates in 2024. Over the course of our four days together we consider the importance of our own values and personal beliefs as foundations for effective leadership.

The focus of the Forum is not political; rather it seeks to cultivate a more inspired leadership ethic in our young people, regardless of the field they choose to enter. We are looking for both Small Group Facilitators (SGFs) and Assistant Small Group Facilitators (ASGFs) with an interest in guiding delegates through the small group time which is at the heart of National Leadership Forum.

The time spent in the Small Groups with our delegates is absolutely key to the overall success of the Forum - and it is a remarkable opportunity to listen, care and gently guide the next generation of leaders on their Forum journey.

The Details

The Hyatt Hotel & Parliament House

Held in Canberra at the Hyatt Hotel, National Leadership Forum places you in the heart of Australian leadership.

21st-25th August

Whilst the Forum itself starts on the 22nd of August, we are continuing pre-forum training for all facilitators on the 21st of August (the day before Forum starts) in Canberra, commencing at 12.30pm. More about facilitator training below.

$695 (inc. GST) for facilitators

The cost of Forum is $695 (inc GST) for both ASGF and SGFs. The cost includes twin share accommodation (including for facilitator training), food, and conference expenses but does not include travel to or from the Forum.

Facilitator Training

Facilitator training starts at 12.30pm on the day before Forum begins. Facilitator training will involve specific Forum focused small group training, this is an opportunity to explore the vision of the Forum and to get to know your fellow facilitators. The morning of the Forum we will also have a facilitator meeting before the Forum commences on the 22nd.

Whilst we understand it is a big commitment, if you are unable to attend the facilitator training on the 21st you will likely not be eligible to facilitate in 2024. We may only accept facilitators in extenuating circumstances who are not able to attend on the 21st. If you need to have a conversation with our team about this, please contact us with the below details.

The Steps to Apply

Step 1

Submit the written application form, you will then be prompted to complete part two.

Facilitator Applications Are Now Open

Step 2

You'll submit a video application that requires you to respond to 5 questions in your own time. This will be emailed to you upon completing step 1.

Facilitator Applications Are Open

We do anticipate that we will receive more applications than positions available, so unfortunately not everyone who applies will be offered a position. With this in mind, please do not make any travel bookings until we have confirmed your position.